I have decided to keep a diary, not for myself but for my friends and well-wishers. When I was young I always thought people who kept diaries were egocentric. I couldn’t understand why someone would want to record for posterity what was mostly misery. But now I feel obliged to share my joyful experiences and sober realisations as I travel my journey of life, deep from my heart, down the grail!!

A short introduction about me is as simple as this: I introduce myself to be known as Aishwarya Sriraman officially. And for people who have known me the most, I am called by various other names including Aishu/Ash/ice/aichoo/Chivi/Vasuki/Sowmya and last but not least Maatha (Mother). I am completing my Masters by Research from NUS currently. Researcher by profession and a Music person by passion is a better description about me. I am a fun loving person and very much easy going. Owing to my busy and often unpredicatable schedule, further instalments of the diary will be published whenever possible, rather than at regular intervals. I may not be that interesting, but I preferred this blog to keep up and develop my writing skills…



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