The incident #1

This incident is weird.

Initially my school’s uniform was a pinafore from KG to class 8. When I was promoted to class 6, there was a change in the uniform from a Pinafore to Salwar-Kameez-Dupatta. Dupatta is something like a stoal. 😀

I really don’t know how to neatly pin and wear a dupatta. My dupatta is very long, back then the ready-made dupatta used to come in a standard length and for my short stature, one can imagine, it even was long enough to sweep the streets of Chennai. 😉

Several attempts of my teachers and even my school Principal were in vain. Finally due to me, the dress code had a small change by the end of the year. Yes, the frustrated-Principal after being self-punished with the task of pinning up the dupatta for me everyday, changed the dress code as Salwar-Kameez-Overcoat. 😛

For this reason, I prefer a jeans and a tops, modern wears are really better for me because I don’t know how to control the flowing dupatta falling on someones’s face/being an hindrance to the passers-by in vehicles/getting caught in the vehicles and tearing subsequently.


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