The Incident #2

When I was in Biology class…..

For some reason, I am inversely proportional with the Biology teachers. When in Grade 6, huh, there was a Biology teacher. Very old, tall stature, lean, exactly I get this very picture of a crane, imagining her. I haven’t seen any ruder person as her.

While she saw my hair out of form, as in, one of my two plates went untied at the end of the day. I never notice all these petty issues. My friend who was sitting next to me noticed it and asked me to adjust my hair. As my Biology teacher noticed it too, she asked me to leave it as such and attend to it by the end of my class. While she turned towards the black board for writing/dusting something, my friend tied my hair. My teacher, as soon as she turned, had a look at me and asked me why did I get distracted. Without giving me a chance to explain, she grabbed me, I was so puny, short and tiny, easy for her to grab, still she grabbed me by the ribbon tied to my hair and tied that ribbon to the nearby window.

Hah!! Back then harassment of students were quite common and nobody even dared to ask the teachers why were their ward punished.

And really, she was so innovative in even punishing!! Thank god she didn’t slap me in front of my class, I really am grateful to that. But tying by ribbon is really funny, just like how you tie the dogs by their collar… If I were allowed to use a camera cell phone, I would have captured a selfie of me 😉 Unfortunately mobiles weren’t so common that too with camera I hardly remember there was even one phone I could think of.


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