The Game of Thrones

Except me everyone in my house had toured Bangalore. It took 27 years for me to reach this place. I had to come to this place through the three S’. Yup, I was told that there is a vacancy matching my technical qualifications in this reputed “B”ig company by the first “S”, then the second “S” somehow mediated my resume to the third “S” who literally brainwashed me to join this “so-so” called Program Management.

But what does this management stuffs got to do with my technical qualifications? Seriously, I am not a management person nor do I have any degree related to it. But, for a moment the title “Manager” sounded cool. And whatever field I had taken till now, I felt I had given my best, why not the manager. It’s a big game where I get to work under big people, big talks, big shows and big name… Hmmm…

This job is not only teaching me how to manage the work but to manage the people and forget-not to mention the art of “Blame-Game” to sustain everyone’s own seat… A typical corporate world in an R&D unit !!!

Nevertheless, besides all these, at last I found what I wanted to do in my life. I am playing my turn in this “Game-of-Thrones”, to save my seat (to mention it decently :-D).


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