It was a Sunday. My roommate asked me if I can take a day off, so that we can go to air show on Monday. Air show was something very new to me. Never heard of it before. And I instantly replied a “yes” (I’m never used to say a no, even otherwise).

We both took off on Monday (How great and relieving it is to take an off on Monday!!). We went there under “officer’s family” category. Feeling very prestigious, accompanied by a squadron (A higher official) who was may-be in his mid-40’s,very gentle and humble, never showing any attitude. But he got a call from higher officials to attend to the foreign delegates. So he couldn’t join us further. My friend called her relative through whom we got this pass and said not to give us an old officer and came a young and energetic officer who explained us things (Sad part to me was he was talking in Hindi :’-(, which I am not fluent enough ). To embarrass me the most, my friend kept asking “R u OK? Why don’t you join in the conversation?…”, The Pilot officer thought his talk was boring and asked me “Am I boring, so we can change some other topic, of your convenience” I replied “I wish I can join, but my Hindi is a bit poor, otherwise I am glad that you are here to guide us, else we would have felt as in we were in no-man’s land.”

We somehow made friends with that Pilot and surprised to see that he is of my age and that he was a textile engineer by qualification and took up piloting due to his interest. An awesome person with rich family values, hailing from Mathura and still more I was shocked to hear him say that he is a pure vegetarian who doesn’t even eat eggs. ­čś« .. Me and my friend were so dumb-struck and asked him how is it possible, while he has to travel to places where it is difficult to see pure vegetarian dishes, his reply was ” I know to cook, Maggi, so no issues”. Next big shock was when he said what he was afraid of.┬áInitially I felt and I asked him too, “But how come you say this being in this┬áprofession?”, but later I felt its good that he openly admitted while there are people who are show-offs. We gave a thumbs-up to him for being that frank. We three went out for lunch and had an awesome drive back home. I somehow felt good for having taken a day-off.

Thanks to my roomie, her relative who got that pass for us, to that pilot who was a great company till today and last but not least, to the higher officer who could not join us, giving us dome room for entertainment! ­čśë