The English Oppari

A rhyme of the kindergarten. Yes, it is the most enjoyable one and almost all kids love to sing it atleast for the hush and bush sounds. It goes this way…

Ringa ringa roses, pocket full of poses, Husha busha, all fall down…

Recently when I was singing along with a kid, I kind of enjoyed the moment, but after its done, I felt “What a stupidity!” I heard through my sister that it referred to the modality of death due to a disease. Out of curiosity, I browsed what disease it was. It is the plague disease.. A rosy ring patterned rashes is a symptom for this disease. Keeping a posies (herbs) in your pocket is said to protect you from the disease, and the hush and bush refers to the sneezing sounds and finally the death (all fall down!)…

So this is much more than a kindergarden rhyme… And we are training our kids with these English “oppari songs”… Oppari is a traditional Tamil way of singing on the death of someone… While we see it less when sung in the native language, parents are equally proud of their kids if they sing the same oppari in a foreign language… That is the way world is !! 🙂


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