What is yours today, will be somebody else’s tomorrow!!


It was before my marriage, when I came home for weekend. I was sitting in the living room of my mother’s home around 8.30 AM on a weekend (Maybe its Sunday). Just another normal day and I suddenly glanced through the Gita Saaram picture hung there. Maybe this is the umpteenth time I look at it but I started to realise it in another way. My attention towards the last few lines made me realise something…



The English translation of this verse is as follows:

“Whatever is yours today, will be somebody else’s tomorrow
And it will be some others’ later.
This change is the law of the universe
And the theme behind my creation.” 

– Lord Shri Krishna

The answer to my mind’s question for a long time, over marriage is answered now. I have seen many parents crying on the occasion of their daughter’s  wedding. I was not an emotional person but I imagined  my parents might be one. If at all they cry, I have not prepared myself to react to that situation, rather, I don’t know how to. But when I started staring at the picture, for maybe more than 15 min, which is atypical of me, my parents noticed it and asked me what happened.

My mind said “ Its true. A girl belongs to her parents/siblings until married, after marriage she belongs to her husband and after she becomes a mother, she belongs to her kids and later, on death, she is owned by none of the formers’ and the cycle continues”

My mother asked “ Are you afraid of marriage or the family you are getting in to?”

I said “ Nah! – I’ll face it! After-all, its another phase in every other person’s life. I am not going through something new which you or your previous generations haven’t. Idhuvum kadandhu poghum (This too shall pass…)”

And its true that, every time you read Bhagawad Gita, it makes your mind so clear and gives you a clarity of thought with maturity, in yet another new dimension.


P.S. I am not promoting any religious thoughts, just sharing my life experience.



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