Is not knowing the language a blunder?

With the recent incidents that happened to me and around me, I was provoked to write on this.

I hail from Chennai, Tamilnadu which belongs to the southern most part of India.¬†For profession-sake, I had to relocate to an entirely new state. As much as I am fluent with my mother tongue, I am not so with other languages. But that shouldn’t eradicate my eligibility to stay in your state. I am here for a professional work which demands technical skills, and not your language. If you wanted your native speaker for that position, why hire me? And my stay here is so imprecise that I am not sure of returning to your land after I go to another place (city/state/country). What is the purpose of me learning your language? My konjam-konjam Telugu, solpa-solpa Kannada, thoda-thoda Hindi and korachi-korachi Malayalam is more than enough for me to survive anywhere in India.

And learning something shouldn’t come by force, it has to come by free-will.

As a P.S. when I opened another blog of mine, it popped up as “for a change why not blog in ****I?”, which was the motivational fact for me to write this post.

Please remember, I wouldn’t be as mean as few of you here to mock/tease you for not knowing my language when you come to my native. I would be much more than happy to help you and welcome to my land anytime.

And its time for me to revise whatever they taught me in Kaliyona Kannada. (Thinking, why and how did I get this timorous to oppose it on their face and gotten this coyish to pen down my frustrations through a blog?).