Inter-caste Marriage

Today’s newspaper had an incident reported, although usual, just a chord stroke in me.

A couple, aged 37 yrs and 30 yrs, who were in relationship for 7 years, had suicided by jumping in front of the running train. The reason is that their parents did not agree for their inter-caste marriage (one being Hindu and the other a Christian).

If they had sustained in that relationship for so long, why couldn’t they wait for a bit more to convince their parents or why didn’t they have the guts to go against their parents’ wish to live their life. Also, why couldn’t the parents understand that their relationship was for going on for a long time which might go a long way and that they had started their relationship not during an adolescent age but only after they became fully grown adults which shows that they might have taken a matured decision?

Yesterday, I read a news on inter-caste marriage (between Hindu and Muslim) where the parents have agreed to marry their son and daughter but the opposition came from the local political parties in that area.

Either parents oppose or the society opposes. Why don’t we be more broad minded and think that wherever our children are or whoever they marry, their happiness only should matter and nothing else?

The need of the hour is communal harmony and liberal thinking, and when would our generation witness it?


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