Coming from a hot country, I’ve hardly seen a winter of less than 20 degrees.

Recently I shifted to a cold country where winter season forms a large part of the year(around 8 months). It’s my first snow here. I had been so ignorant about the cold countries and their people. At least, it is not the way I’ve seen in cinemas and shows.

For example, not everyone walks in skirts or short dresses. In fact, for the temperature here everyone is wearing multiple layers of dress to resist temperatures as low as -30 °C. And people certainly do not enjoy the walking phase here. When it’s freezing cold, people try to get to their destination as quick as possible. The couples dancing/romancing in snow or making snowman (except maybe during the Christmas period) or enjoying a long walk doesn’t happen here. With a lesser population, I hardly see people roaming outside. And a majority of the population owns/rents a car (to add, petrol seems to be less expensive here) and there is no necessity to expose in the cold for a long duration.

Since we use the public transportation, I have to walk to the bus station/ train station.  Although it is less than 10 min walk, even 2 minutes exposure makes you feel the body pain and while you breathe it is like a feeling that your blood will gush out of the nose anytime. The eyes become watery and while winking, it freezes and makes the eyes dry.

First few days it was damn difficult and we used to go out hardly twice a week.  Now gradually I am acclaimed I guess, and I was not prepared initially.

Nature, in a way, teaches something to us. Any new thing/experience in life looks difficult for the first time, but as you live with it by chance/choice, it becomes a part of your life. Only for the first time you can be ignorant and go through the difficulty.  Nature teaches you to be well-prepared from the next time.


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