Coming from a hot country, I’ve hardly seen a winter of less than 20 degrees.

Recently I shifted to a cold country where winter season forms a large part of the year(around 8 months). It’s my first snow here. I had been so ignorant about the cold countries and their people. At least, it is not the way I’ve seen in cinemas and shows.

For example, not everyone walks in skirts or short dresses. In fact, for the temperature here everyone is wearing multiple layers of dress to resist temperatures as low as -30 °C. And people certainly do not enjoy the walking phase here. When it’s freezing cold, people try to get to their destination as quick as possible. The couples dancing/romancing in snow or making snowman (except maybe during the Christmas period) or enjoying a long walk doesn’t happen here. With a lesser population, I hardly see people roaming outside. And a majority of the population owns/rents a car (to add, petrol seems to be less expensive here) and there is no necessity to expose in the cold for a long duration.

Since we use the public transportation, I have to walk to the bus station/ train station.  Although it is less than 10 min walk, even 2 minutes exposure makes you feel the body pain and while you breathe it is like a feeling that your blood will gush out of the nose anytime. The eyes become watery and while winking, it freezes and makes the eyes dry.

First few days it was damn difficult and we used to go out hardly twice a week.  Now gradually I am acclaimed I guess, and I was not prepared initially.

Nature, in a way, teaches something to us. Any new thing/experience in life looks difficult for the first time, but as you live with it by chance/choice, it becomes a part of your life. Only for the first time you can be ignorant and go through the difficulty.  Nature teaches you to be well-prepared from the next time.


Inter-caste Marriage

Today’s newspaper had an incident reported, although usual, just a chord stroke in me.

A couple, aged 37 yrs and 30 yrs, who were in relationship for 7 years, had suicided by jumping in front of the running train. The reason is that their parents did not agree for their inter-caste marriage (one being Hindu and the other a Christian).

If they had sustained in that relationship for so long, why couldn’t they wait for a bit more to convince their parents or why didn’t they have the guts to go against their parents’ wish to live their life. Also, why couldn’t the parents understand that their relationship was for going on for a long time which might go a long way and that they had started their relationship not during an adolescent age but only after they became fully grown adults which shows that they might have taken a matured decision?

Yesterday, I read a news on inter-caste marriage (between Hindu and Muslim) where the parents have agreed to marry their son and daughter but the opposition came from the local political parties in that area.

Either parents oppose or the society opposes. Why don’t we be more broad minded and think that wherever our children are or whoever they marry, their happiness only should matter and nothing else?

The need of the hour is communal harmony and liberal thinking, and when would our generation witness it?

Test-tube Babies

It is said that Gandhari gave birth to a piece of flesh, after being pregnant for 2 years. If you take an actual gestation period, it is actually 10 months and 2 years is something abnormal. And in a lifetime, even if she had twins/quadruplets or multiplets, its not possible to have 101 children.

Sage Vyasa actually advised her to save the foetuses in small earthen pods and he filled it with some ghee and herbs and used his powers. After another 2 years of waiting, all 101 children were born  (100 boys and 1 girl) in the Kauravas clan.

So, the modern day’s test-tube baby birth actually dates back to Mahabaratha era. It seems as simple as this but it involves such a complex procedure and the success rate is also less.

Now, is the In vitro fertilization (IVF), is a discovery or an invention?

Is not knowing the language a blunder?

With the recent incidents that happened to me and around me, I was provoked to write on this.

I hail from Chennai, Tamilnadu which belongs to the southern most part of India. For profession-sake, I had to relocate to an entirely new state. As much as I am fluent with my mother tongue, I am not so with other languages. But that shouldn’t eradicate my eligibility to stay in your state. I am here for a professional work which demands technical skills, and not your language. If you wanted your native speaker for that position, why hire me? And my stay here is so imprecise that I am not sure of returning to your land after I go to another place (city/state/country). What is the purpose of me learning your language? My konjam-konjam Telugu, solpa-solpa Kannada, thoda-thoda Hindi and korachi-korachi Malayalam is more than enough for me to survive anywhere in India.

And learning something shouldn’t come by force, it has to come by free-will.

As a P.S. when I opened another blog of mine, it popped up as “for a change why not blog in ****I?”, which was the motivational fact for me to write this post.

Please remember, I wouldn’t be as mean as few of you here to mock/tease you for not knowing my language when you come to my native. I would be much more than happy to help you and welcome to my land anytime.

And its time for me to revise whatever they taught me in Kaliyona Kannada. (Thinking, why and how did I get this timorous to oppose it on their face and gotten this coyish to pen down my frustrations through a blog?).

The Story Telling – I

Few years back, when I was learning Bhagawad Gita and Bhagavadam, I was in one lecture halls in Singapore where I was asked to narrate a story with respect to any spiritual thought/verse/anything pertaining to normal life instance which I experienced or heard or seen. Usually, I go to any class well-prepared. Although I was informed of this earlier, I was somehow unenthusiastic and thought, any ways its something where volunteers would be asked to come front and say. But that particular day, as there were hardly 5-6 people in the class, everybody got a chance. I saw everyone tell some mind-boggling story relating to God, how the God re-incarnated and how he saved his devotee, how God tested his devotee and gave him a boon. I was the last, infact. My mind was not working until that time.

Due to inevitable compulsion, something automatically made me narrate some random story. Don’t know where it came from, can be my subconscious mind. Because I am not that creative to make up a story. Either I would have read it somewhere or heard it through someone. It narrated it as follows.

“Once upon a time, there lived an elderly old businessman who was filthy-rich. Over the years, he built his dream bungalow in a plot which he inherited as his ancestral property, which was built in an architecture not mimicking anything in the world and was the pure result of his imagination. Many people were attracted to his bungalow that people were ready to give even 3-4 times the cost of the house. But the old man was not ready to sell his house at any cost to anyone. Suddenly he went on a business tour to some place and when he returned back he saw his house in fire. There were people standing in the crowd but none bothered to put out the fire.

When he was worried, his first son came running and said, “Don’t worry dad, I have sold this house to 3 times the value a couple of days back”. Now the old man also joined the crowd and started to watch the fire engulf his house.

His second son came and said “ Dad! Although this house was sold, the buying party gave only 10% of the agreed money. What if he says he wont pay the rest owing to the destruction of the property?”

Again the worried old man started crying from the crowd. Not knowing what to do, he was crying out for help, but he by himself never took any steps to put out the fire but rather expected somebody else to help him out. And he was blaming God for being so mean to him.

Now his third son came running and said, “Dad, the buying party seemed to be so honest that he agreed to pay the full amount even after he knew that the house is destructed in fire.” Again now, the old man continued to see as the fire engulf his house.

This story can be related to each and every one of us. When it comes to social responsibility, we are so hesitant to take any steps. When we are directly afflicted, we cry out for other’s help and no body is ready to take the initial step. And when we are not, there is no need to say, everyone just watches the episode and walks away.

We complain that day-by-day, our climate is getting hot, instead why not take an initiative to plant a tree. We complain illiteracy is the reason for our country’s poverty line, instead why not take an initiative to educate a child. You complain, somebody else have left their parents in old age home, instead why not start it from your home to take care of your parents. You complain that your country is polluted, why not start it from you to make your city clean and green. You complain the water bodies are getting dried up, why don’t you pull up your sleeves and roll in to action to clean the already polluted lakes and ponds. Why don’t you make this earth a conducive environment for all organisms to live. The problem is not that we don’t have anything. We have everything and the problem is that we don’t know effective utilization of our natural abundance. If Japanese kept weeping and cribbing about the Hiroshima and Nagasaki’s atomic bombing, it wouldn’t have become a developed nation today. You have known present day’s Singapore, but think how many people were the backbone of such a development. Rather than complaining the government or the people or the God, start it from your home, because, Charity begins from home. Rome was not built in a day and none of the corrective measures are going to happen without your involvement. Even God is not going to help you, if you are reluctant to help yourself.”

To one’s dismay, I got so much applauded and to my surprise, I got a gift (a collection of short stories book) for “the best story telling” and I continued telling/sharing stories in every session with whatever I know.

What is yours today, will be somebody else’s tomorrow!!


It was before my marriage, when I came home for weekend. I was sitting in the living room of my mother’s home around 8.30 AM on a weekend (Maybe its Sunday). Just another normal day and I suddenly glanced through the Gita Saaram picture hung there. Maybe this is the umpteenth time I look at it but I started to realise it in another way. My attention towards the last few lines made me realise something…



The English translation of this verse is as follows:

“Whatever is yours today, will be somebody else’s tomorrow
And it will be some others’ later.
This change is the law of the universe
And the theme behind my creation.” 

– Lord Shri Krishna

The answer to my mind’s question for a long time, over marriage is answered now. I have seen many parents crying on the occasion of their daughter’s  wedding. I was not an emotional person but I imagined  my parents might be one. If at all they cry, I have not prepared myself to react to that situation, rather, I don’t know how to. But when I started staring at the picture, for maybe more than 15 min, which is atypical of me, my parents noticed it and asked me what happened.

My mind said “ Its true. A girl belongs to her parents/siblings until married, after marriage she belongs to her husband and after she becomes a mother, she belongs to her kids and later, on death, she is owned by none of the formers’ and the cycle continues”

My mother asked “ Are you afraid of marriage or the family you are getting in to?”

I said “ Nah! – I’ll face it! After-all, its another phase in every other person’s life. I am not going through something new which you or your previous generations haven’t. Idhuvum kadandhu poghum (This too shall pass…)”

And its true that, every time you read Bhagawad Gita, it makes your mind so clear and gives you a clarity of thought with maturity, in yet another new dimension.


P.S. I am not promoting any religious thoughts, just sharing my life experience.


An idle mind on a 6th day work …

I don’t know how many people have experienced the torture of 6-days working week. To me its the worst nightmare I can ever have. I always wanted a 4.5 days work week – 4 full days of struggle and stint, 0.5 days to repair it out and 2 days of 360° enjoyment. Unfortunately even my previous work is 6 days ( sometimes 7 days) of forced work and currently also its 6 days wef today 😦  … I’ve no work and totally killing time… Being the first day, I started off with replying to mails and closing the pending works and a little bit of phone calls!!

Next I cleaned up my cupboard, next to which I’m writing a post. Still looking for creative leads to hide out time!! Never been this idle any day…