Marriage – A message

I recently happened to get a post shared on marriage, from which I really wanted to share few valid points


Marriage is the only school where you get the Certificate before you start.

Be reminded that you are just a student not the principal. God is the only Principal.

Never forget the C-word… Communicate. Communicate with your classmate and with the Principal. 

If you find out something in your classmate (spouse) that you do not appreciate, Remember your classmate is also just a student not a graduate, God is not finished with him/her yet. So take it as a challenge and work on it together.

Sometimes you will feel like not attending classes, yet you have to. When tempted to quit find courage and continue. Marriage is a place of love, so love your spouse. In times of Strom don’t be unwise and run away!

A message for lifetime irrespective of the status of marriage!


The English Oppari

A rhyme of the kindergarten. Yes, it is the most enjoyable one and almost all kids love to sing it atleast for the hush and bush sounds. It goes this way…

Ringa ringa roses, pocket full of poses, Husha busha, all fall down…

Recently when I was singing along with a kid, I kind of enjoyed the moment, but after its done, I felt “What a stupidity!” I heard through my sister that it referred to the modality of death due to a disease. Out of curiosity, I browsed what disease it was. It is the plague disease.. A rosy ring patterned rashes is a symptom for this disease. Keeping a posies (herbs) in your pocket is said to protect you from the disease, and the hush and bush refers to the sneezing sounds and finally the death (all fall down!)…

So this is much more than a kindergarden rhyme… And we are training our kids with these English “oppari songs”… Oppari is a traditional Tamil way of singing on the death of someone… While we see it less when sung in the native language, parents are equally proud of their kids if they sing the same oppari in a foreign language… That is the way world is !! 🙂


It was a Sunday. My roommate asked me if I can take a day off, so that we can go to air show on Monday. Air show was something very new to me. Never heard of it before. And I instantly replied a “yes” (I’m never used to say a no, even otherwise).

We both took off on Monday (How great and relieving it is to take an off on Monday!!). We went there under “officer’s family” category. Feeling very prestigious, accompanied by a squadron (A higher official) who was may-be in his mid-40’s,very gentle and humble, never showing any attitude. But he got a call from higher officials to attend to the foreign delegates. So he couldn’t join us further. My friend called her relative through whom we got this pass and said not to give us an old officer and came a young and energetic officer who explained us things (Sad part to me was he was talking in Hindi :’-(, which I am not fluent enough ). To embarrass me the most, my friend kept asking “R u OK? Why don’t you join in the conversation?…”, The Pilot officer thought his talk was boring and asked me “Am I boring, so we can change some other topic, of your convenience” I replied “I wish I can join, but my Hindi is a bit poor, otherwise I am glad that you are here to guide us, else we would have felt as in we were in no-man’s land.”

We somehow made friends with that Pilot and surprised to see that he is of my age and that he was a textile engineer by qualification and took up piloting due to his interest. An awesome person with rich family values, hailing from Mathura and still more I was shocked to hear him say that he is a pure vegetarian who doesn’t even eat eggs. 😮 .. Me and my friend were so dumb-struck and asked him how is it possible, while he has to travel to places where it is difficult to see pure vegetarian dishes, his reply was ” I know to cook, Maggi, so no issues”. Next big shock was when he said what he was afraid of. Initially I felt and I asked him too, “But how come you say this being in this profession?”, but later I felt its good that he openly admitted while there are people who are show-offs. We gave a thumbs-up to him for being that frank. We three went out for lunch and had an awesome drive back home. I somehow felt good for having taken a day-off.

Thanks to my roomie, her relative who got that pass for us, to that pilot who was a great company till today and last but not least, to the higher officer who could not join us, giving us dome room for entertainment! 😉

The Game of Thrones

Except me everyone in my house had toured Bangalore. It took 27 years for me to reach this place. I had to come to this place through the three S’. Yup, I was told that there is a vacancy matching my technical qualifications in this reputed “B”ig company by the first “S”, then the second “S” somehow mediated my resume to the third “S” who literally brainwashed me to join this “so-so” called Program Management.

But what does this management stuffs got to do with my technical qualifications? Seriously, I am not a management person nor do I have any degree related to it. But, for a moment the title “Manager” sounded cool. And whatever field I had taken till now, I felt I had given my best, why not the manager. It’s a big game where I get to work under big people, big talks, big shows and big name… Hmmm…

This job is not only teaching me how to manage the work but to manage the people and forget-not to mention the art of “Blame-Game” to sustain everyone’s own seat… A typical corporate world in an R&D unit !!!

Nevertheless, besides all these, at last I found what I wanted to do in my life. I am playing my turn in this “Game-of-Thrones”, to save my seat (to mention it decently :-D).

Catalyst? Feed-back?

As I am doing an internship under an Assistant Professor, I was given this task of teaching the basics of Molecular Biology to the new post graduate students. I never wanted to do teaching because I am a type of person who don’t believe in controlling the kids. Given a chance, I start to enjoy with them. I can’t even act as if I am strict to them.

Since those kids are from Physics background, I cannot expect them to know anything about Molecular Biology. As I advanced this session on proteins and their functions, I had to use the word “catalyst” and “feed-back regulation”. Although Biology seems to be the first major problem to learn for them, the second major problem is their language (They are not so good in English…). So I had to tell them very simply, lively and with day-to-day examples.

For introducing the term “Catalyst”, instead of saying “they speed up a reaction”, I said “Catalysts in a reaction are like the girlfriends in your lives”. The immediate reply from one of them was “So does their role relate to motivating a reaction”. I was so happy that the boy grasped the concept so swiftly. But then there was a funny and contradictory question to me. “But mam, girl friends are also devastating and put an end to the guy’s life sooner”… 

I had to be witty enough to reply now. I thought for a while and said “Somehow even if you are pessimistic, catalysts also puts an end to the reaction by fastening the reaction sooner, on a positive note…”.. Now I said,  “To put it in other words, Catalysts in a reaction are like Good girlfriends in your life”.

Next concept is Feed-back. I plainly said “Feedback reaction is something like your friends who do group study with you during exams”… One guy asked me a doubt.. “But mam, friends who study with us influences both positively and negatively…”

Things went on easily for me now to say “Exactly… Likewise, a feed-back regulation can be positive or negative depending upon who the friend (catalyst) is and what the environment (less/more substrates or less/more products, etc) is…”

Now, I am loving teaching. ❤

The Incident #2

When I was in Biology class…..

For some reason, I am inversely proportional with the Biology teachers. When in Grade 6, huh, there was a Biology teacher. Very old, tall stature, lean, exactly I get this very picture of a crane, imagining her. I haven’t seen any ruder person as her.

While she saw my hair out of form, as in, one of my two plates went untied at the end of the day. I never notice all these petty issues. My friend who was sitting next to me noticed it and asked me to adjust my hair. As my Biology teacher noticed it too, she asked me to leave it as such and attend to it by the end of my class. While she turned towards the black board for writing/dusting something, my friend tied my hair. My teacher, as soon as she turned, had a look at me and asked me why did I get distracted. Without giving me a chance to explain, she grabbed me, I was so puny, short and tiny, easy for her to grab, still she grabbed me by the ribbon tied to my hair and tied that ribbon to the nearby window.

Hah!! Back then harassment of students were quite common and nobody even dared to ask the teachers why were their ward punished.

And really, she was so innovative in even punishing!! Thank god she didn’t slap me in front of my class, I really am grateful to that. But tying by ribbon is really funny, just like how you tie the dogs by their collar… If I were allowed to use a camera cell phone, I would have captured a selfie of me 😉 Unfortunately mobiles weren’t so common that too with camera I hardly remember there was even one phone I could think of.

The incident #1

This incident is weird.

Initially my school’s uniform was a pinafore from KG to class 8. When I was promoted to class 6, there was a change in the uniform from a Pinafore to Salwar-Kameez-Dupatta. Dupatta is something like a stoal. 😀

I really don’t know how to neatly pin and wear a dupatta. My dupatta is very long, back then the ready-made dupatta used to come in a standard length and for my short stature, one can imagine, it even was long enough to sweep the streets of Chennai. 😉

Several attempts of my teachers and even my school Principal were in vain. Finally due to me, the dress code had a small change by the end of the year. Yes, the frustrated-Principal after being self-punished with the task of pinning up the dupatta for me everyday, changed the dress code as Salwar-Kameez-Overcoat. 😛

For this reason, I prefer a jeans and a tops, modern wears are really better for me because I don’t know how to control the flowing dupatta falling on someones’s face/being an hindrance to the passers-by in vehicles/getting caught in the vehicles and tearing subsequently.